Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bachus: Don't Underestimate Palin

Alabama congressman Spencer Bachus of the firmly Republican 6th District says it's too "early" to say who he would support among Republicans for 2012, but he's impressed with Sarah Palin.

The 2008 Republican Vice Presidential Nominee and former governor of Alaska energized fans Monday night at Colonial Brookwood Village, where she signed copies of her new book Going Rogue. A thousand people gathered to meet Palin and receive signed copies of the book.

Many had "Palin 2012" caps and shirts.

Again, "it's early," Rep. Bachus says.

"But let me say this, she has been exposed to more hostile scrutiny than any other political figure in the last ten years. She's held up well. She's a fighter. I wouldn't discount her. I think that would be a serious mistake," Bachus told me on Good Day Alabama this morning. Watch the video here.

Bachus says Palin is indeed "a part of the future" of the Republican Party. The Republican says her views and values play well with the party faithful.

Rick Journey