Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fabulous Ideas for a High-Strung Summer Wedding Reception

summer wedding tips
Next to the intrinsic romance of a beach setting for a wedding, one of the best reasons for deciding to hold your wedding at the beach is the amount of versatility that it gives you in planning. The ocean is the ideal backdrop for nearly any size or style of wedding, from an intimate exchange of vows to a high-falutin' cocktail party complete with elegant linens and an orchestra. If you'd like a beach wedding, but haven't quite decided on a theme and style, these six ideas may give your inspiration a jump-start.

Fantasy Island Tropical Beach Wedding Theme

You may not have Ricardo Montalban to plan your wedding, but you can still have all the style and romance of Fantasy Island for your wedding day. If your tastes run to elegance and formality, plan your wedding at a tropical resort with patios overlooking the ocean. Decorate with swags of plumeria, hibiscus flowers and bougainvillea, and be sure to incorporate hot tropical colors into your wedding tables and centerpieces.

A Semi-formal Wedding on the Pier

If you'd love a seaside wedding but don't want your guests going home with sand in their shoes, turn to a local yacht club as a wedding setting. Nearly every seaside city has a yacht club or restaurant on the pier, and many feature verandas that overlook the ocean. Choosing a yacht club wedding gives you the romance of the ocean waves and breezes and the elegance of catered meal with an orchestra.

Down-Home Maine Clambake Wedding Theme

Formality isn't your thing? If your idea of a wonderful wedding day includes family, friends, fun and feasting, your perfect beach wedding might be a down-home clambake wedding. A clambake wedding on the beach could include a bonfire and a fire pit, games and all the trappings of a fun day at the beach – but it doesn't mean you have to forego the traditional wedding niceties.

Just simplify a bit – sundresses for the bride and her attendants, comfortable slacks and short-sleeve shirts for the groom and groomsmen. You can rent a floor for dancing if you want, or invite your guests to dress casual and kick off their shoes when the music starts.

A Nautical Theme for a Wedding at Sea

Why stop with a wedding on the beach when you can get married at sea? From the pure elegance of a formal dining room to the casual informality of a party boat, weddings at sea offer as much flexibility as beach weddings. Whether you hire a party boat for a sunny afternoon cruise or choose a romantic evening harbor cruise and say your vows under the stars, a shipboard wedding can be the ultimate in romance. Believe it or not, prices for a ship wedding are comparable to similar menus and extras at an onshore wedding venue.

Under the Sea Wedding Theme

For a unique twist on a beach wedding, set your wedding under the sea. Check with local aquariums to see if the halls are rentable for events, and bring your own caterer, or find out if they do their own wedding packages - many do! Aquarium venues give a very different twist on the seaside theme, offering you the opportunity to have a wedding that you and your guests will never forget--and the photos will be spectacular! How many brides can boast a dolphin in their wedding photos?

Go Caribbean with a Tropical Pirate Theme Wedding

Johnny Depp confirmed it – pirates are true romantic figures that have captivated the imagination of millions. Take advantage of the ready-made adventurous romance of the pirate by planning a wedding with a Caribbean pirate theme. Bring the magic of buried treasure and lavish celebrations to your wedding day by decorating with ship's timers, nets and baubles and treasure chests overflowing with wedding favors--bags of gold-foil wrapped chocolate coins and sparkling candy "gems" so your guests can take home some pirate booty to remember your wedding by.